When it comes to short sale knowledge, everyone I have ever spoken with at The LAMB Group knows more than anyone else I have ever known. Even the receptionist seems like a bona fide expert! You guys are incredible, thanks for everything!

Arthur N., Maryland

You guys have been so amazing throughout this whole process! Always quick to respond to any questions we had, and with your consistent updates we never felt like we were in the dark or didn’t know what was going on. Thank you for all of your help and for working so hard to get this home closed for us.

Molly W., South Carolina

I can honestly say that without the help and support from the staff at Short Sale Cooperative, I could not say my house is now sold. They kept me engaged throughout the process. My situation was exceptionally complex to the point where I did not feel like it was worth continuing on with. To have Short Sale Cooperative step in helps everyone. They're the experts. They speak the banks language. To do this on my own would have been like doing surgery on myself. Regular updates kept me in the loop at all times and always engaged. Thank you so much for all your help!

Chris B., North Carolina