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About Us

The LAMB Group has helped thousands of homeowners with difficult short sale transactions. In fact, our short sale experts have been experts in this field since a time before the word "short sale" even existed.

We helped to pioneer the short sale industry, and our experts know the ins and outs of your mortgage bank's short sale department in a way that makes a difference and produces results for you, even when others have failed.

When you choose to short sale your home, who you choose as your REALTOR® is the most important decision that you'll make. It will make the difference between success and failure. Choosing The LAMB Group guarantees you the highest level of experience and dedication to your needs, offering you the greatest possible chance for success.

Put simply, if you need to sell a short sale, The LAMB Group is your best option and no one else even comes close.

The LAMB Group Difference

We coordinate the expert short sale services of local REALTORS®, short sale attorneys, mortgage industry professionals and college-educated marketing geeks with a computer management system that is the best in the world of its kind. At least we think so... and the numbers really do speak for themselves.

When you choose The LAMB Group, you benefit from an entire team of short sale specialists, not just a single REALTOR®. And, we're ALL dedicated to the success of your short sale listing. We'll do everything possible to help you achieve your goals, no matter what it takes. We believe that no individual real estate agent or firm can offer you a better chance of success anywhere in the country.

We succeed when others fail

Statistically, most short sale transactions never close. Many people and real estate agents blame their failures on the bank and, to a certain extent, they'd be right. But we realized a long time ago that the bank is never going to change... unless we make them.

The LAMB Group associates have developed dozens of strategies over the years to bring success to any type of short sale transaction - no matter how difficult it may be. Never let anyone tell you that it's not possible until you talk to us. In our experience, most every short sale can be closed. With enough dedication, experience, and cooperation, anything is possible.

Short Sale Listings

Attention Buyers & Investors: We list dozens of new short sale (pre-foreclosure) deals every month. We also have special access to foreclosures, REOs, and all types of bank-owned property. These sometimes sell for a fraction of market value before they ever reach the MLS. We distribute this information for free, as a courtesy to buyers and a service to our sellers. This database is updated daily and comes from the most comprehensive list of value priced homes anywhere. Stay informed on market trends or prepare to make a purchase, search on your own, or set up automatic alerts; it's your choice!

Pre-foreclosure homes

...can be found here first! We've focused a lot of our advertising efforts toward helping distressed homeowners. We offer homeowners a way to liquidate their home and avoid foreclosure, while offering you the opportunity to earn a profit while revitalizing a neighborhood.

What is a Pre-foreclosure?

A pre-foreclosure (or short sale) is simply a property with a mortgage that is nearing foreclosure. The owner has not been able to make the payments to the lender and so that financial institution has taken steps toward recovering the loss by foreclosing on the property. We work with the homeowner and the lender to stop the foreclosure, then with you to purchase the home at an amount usually less than the home’s previous purchase price. You can typically buy these pre-foreclosures at or below the market value of typical foreclosures but in substantially better condition.

What's the difference between a Short Sale Listing and a Foreclosure Listing?

Put simply, it's the auction. Some distressed homeowners do nothing and their home is auctioned on the courthouse steps after foreclosure. In most courthouse auctions, the mortgage is too high for an investor to be interested so it’s essentially bought back by the bank who foreclosed in the first place. This represents a typical foreclosure home. The sellers are then forced out of their home by eviction so they don’t usually go quietly and they’re not too careful as they move out their furniture. The bank has to spend thousands on obtaining and selling the foreclosure listings so they try to sell for as much as the market will bear. In contrast, a pre-foreclosure or short sale listing happens before the auction, before the foreclosure, and most importantly, at the seller’s request. Because the seller plays an integral role in the sale of their home, they continue to maintain the property until the last minute. Of course, this means that the buyer doesn’t usually have to do as many repairs as they would with a traditional foreclosure. A pre-foreclosure short sale is cheaper for the bank, too. Because they save on foreclosure fees, short sale listings can sometimes be purchased for 10-15% less than a comparable foreclosure.

Considering a Short Sale?

Do you have a home to sell, but a mortgage that's too high? Give us a call, we can help you cut the mortgage down to size and short sell your home fast. Call us today!