Short Sale Agents

Choosing the right Short Sale Agent

There aren't many good options for homeowners when you need to complete a Short Sale for your home. Everyone knows that you need a qualified Short Sale Real Estate Agent; however, finding a short sale REALTOR® who has the experience to get the job done can be an impossible task. Fortunately, you're here and you found The LAMB Group... so you have made the first, best choice toward reaching your short sale goals.

Don't stop now.

The largest problem facing the industry today is the fact that short sale agents who claim to be "experts" often have very little or even absolutely no real-world short sale experience whatsoever. Even those who do have experience almost always make claim for their short sale specialist status because of fewer than 50 closed transactions. Just 50? The LAMB Group associates help more homeowners than that, every single day. We don't know everything but we do know that anyone who has closed fewer than 50 short sales is really just a novice in this industry... certainly not a professional who can call themselves a specialist at something as complicated as a short sale listing transaction.

Short Sale Agents aren't enough

A Short sales require a Short Sale REALTOR® and a Short Sale Attorney. You need the resources that only a REALTOR® can provide and you need the protection that only a licensed attorney is allowed to offer. But, finding the right Short Sale REALTOR® can be tough, especially when everyone claims to be a specialist. And finding an excellent Short Sale Attorney who won't charge you for their services in advance may be all but impossible.

Questions that you must ask any REALTOR®,
before making a decision regarding your short sale
  1. How many short sale transactions have you closed in the last 6 months?
  2. Do you provide FREE Legal Representation?
  3. What (specifically) do you do differently to sell a short sale vs. a regular listing?
  4. How many people are on your personal staff that are dedicated to calling the loss mitigation departments for your short sale clients? (If the agent claims to do it herself, she is NOT a specialist)
  5. What special short sale forms or contracts do you use to protect me from liability in case something goes wrong?
  6. What specifically do you do to minimize the risk to credit, deficiencies, or tax liability for me?

Don't worry, the short sale agents at The LAMB Group will make it easy for you.

Associates here began working with short sales many years before it became popular. And we started doing this for the right reasons: To help people like you. This is our primary focus and it always has been. No one understands the intricacies of what it takes to have a successful short sale transaction better than The LAMB Group. Our short sale agents understand the market, our short sale attorneys understand the law and how to protect you, and our mortgage industry pros understand short sales in a way that no other short sale professional could. We also understand how to effectively manage short sale pricing and most importantly, we understand the limits of your specific mortgage servicing bank or investor.

It takes a lot to do a short sale right and no one offers more to homeowners than The LAMB Group!

The Best Short Sale Firm in the Country!

Only The LAMB Group has the connections and experience with every major lender in the country that you need. Our experience allows us to know if we can be successful even before we begin, and our short sale agents have multiple options to help you sell now.

Do you need a Short Sale?

Short sales are only appropriate in certain situations. The licensed and experienced professionals at The LAMB Group can provide you with a free analysis of your situation and give you a full synopsis of what to expect in your short sale listing with us. If you have another, better option, we’ll certainly let you know. We do offer other real estate solutions across a wide spectrum of services, so if a short sale isn’t your best option, we’ll be sure to let you know what is.

Short Sales are absolutely free to you

Our attorney will structure your closing so that no money is actually required from you up front, in the middle, during, or after your closing...ever. No money out of pocket or you walk away, that’s our promise to each and every client. And, another goal of your FREE attorney is always to minimize the damage to your credit and prevent deficiencies as much as is reasonably possible. Some of our clients have even been able to short sale their home, and then buy another immediately after. It all depends on the specific situation but we can make amazing things happen, so call us for more information.